Quick Overview

Operable Wall System

We are an importer, manufacturer, supplier, installer and after-sales service provider in Thailand with more than 30 years of experience with different  brands and we still provide spare parts and maintenance service for our walls as well as walls supplied by other companies.

With our Acoustic Operable Wall System, flexibility in management of space with a beautiful design is an easy task.  Our walls can easily reduce transmission noise up to STC 57.   There is also a perfect solution for transparent but sound acoustic solution called Transacoustic wall with double glazing wall.

If there is a need for a room division but no need for acoustic, our model Glazing movable glass wall system can satisfy that requirement perfectly.

Automatic Hermetic Door System

We supply and install  Manusa Automatic hermetic door system for operating theaters and clean rooms.  

Automatic door system for interior doors

Motion 4 Linear motor system door gears are from Spain. 

The EvoDrive of Motion 4 is a compact and elegant automatic door operator specifically designed for internal sliding doors commonly used in hotels, offices, private homes, care homes, hospitals and other types of buildings.

Powered by the innovative magnetic linear motor technology developed by MOTION4, it measures only 60 mm high x 65 mm deep, combining the size of a manual sliding door track with the functions and performance of a traditional automatic door operator.

Thanks to its smart design, all the internal elements are easily accessible by simply pulling the front cover down, to ease maintenance. It incorporates wireless technology to communicate the main board with the motor, to avoid the use of cables, wires and other mechanical elements for a simple installation and reliable performance.

Automatic Turnstile System

Access control solutions are systems conceived to screen out unauthorized pedestrians to any type of public or private premises. Each of our access controls uses the latest technology and a versatile design that adapts to any type of entrance where needed.

Automatic Pedestrian Door Systems

Manusa automatic sliding doors are designed to not only open and close effectively, but also to do so at high-speed. This is achieved by using the most advanced technology on the market, while also guaranteeing a safe product for establishments and their users.

Industrial Door System

Manusa’s industrial doors are designed with the most advanced technology in the sector guaranteeing safety and functionality together with an added aesthetic value in all the access systems when required.   These high speed doors come in various design and functions.

Acoustic Door and Door Hardware

Acoustic Doors with ratings upto 32dbs together with German FSB lever handles and CES mortice locks to compliment the beautiful door design.   Various colors and design available with or without glass viewer.